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Purchase Rates as of 3/15/2024

1% down purchase, 30 year fixed conventional 7.5%, APR 7.594%, no mi (FTHB and income qualifying)

3% down purchase, 30 year fixed conventional 6.625%, APR 6.732%, mi $133.38 monthly

10% down purchase, 30 year fixed conventional 6.75%, APR 6.852%, mi $61.88 monthly

20% down purchase, 30 year fixed conventional 6.75%, APR 6.868%, no mi


We offer CASHOUT FIXED Rate 2nd Mortgages.


We are extremely focused in creating a best-in-class experience for our borrowers!

Get the Best Loan in Colorado. Lendex Mortgage Group.
Lendex Mortgage Group: Family of Loan Officers

At Lendex Mortgage Group, our experienced professionals work with our customers to get them the loans that they need for the homes that they want. Get the best loan at the best price today.

LendEx Mortgage Group is a great family of loan originators that are dedicated to making your goal a reality. We engage in our customer's journey,

not just the transaction. 




Conventional Loans

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)


FHA Loans

VA Loans

3% Down​

Reverse Mortgages

Let's talk about which loan best fits your needs. Call us at 303-800-8257. We get you the best loans at the best rates!

Lendex Mortgage Group: You Lender for Life

Thank you so much for helping us with our new VA loan. Tracy was always available when we had a question or concern. She was wonderful to work with. It felt like we had a new friend.

Fred & Bobbie Brethauer

Thank you, two small words on so much gratitude. Greg and I very much appreciate all you have done for us. Thank you for making the loan easy and pain free.

Marsha Hall 

I KNOW that the process was EASY for me because it was HARD for you. I can't believe how simple you made this for me. I have my home because of you. Thank you so much for everything.

Meagan Cho

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