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LendEx Mortgage Group is a great family of loan originators that are dedicated to making your goal a reality.


Whether you wish to own your own home or you are looking to refinance your existing mortgage, we work for you to make it happen.


Give us a call. Talk to any one of our personable professionals. We all have a vast array of experience in the industry and we know the Colorado Real Estate and Mortgage market. 



Engaged in the customer's journey, not just the transaction.​

LendEx Mortgage Group is locally owned and operated and has set up their processes so that only your loan originator and an underwriter are involved.  This allows our loan originators to have more control over the file, and process it more efficiently and quickly.  


On average, other lending companies have at least seven people involved in a file, which severely slows down the process and leads to extending the closing date.  LendEx can close a loan in as quickly as 2 weeks!! That's a huge deal and makes all the difference in this booming market.


LendEx Mortgage Group is a referral only business. We spend the majority of our time closing your loan (rather than enticing the next client). 



Scott Winters, Owner/Loan Originator
Call Scott: 303-525-6125

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NMLS: #304795

State ID: #100009586

Tracy Sheldon, Manager/Senior Loan Officer

Call Tracy: 720-261-2361

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NMLS: #362408

State ID: #100009586

Yan Kaminsky, Loan Originator

Call Yan: 303-995-9041

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NMLS: #350958

Nhan Thi Tran, Loan Originator

Call Nhan: 720-935-6426

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NMLS: #289455

NMLS#386591 - Regulated by the Division of Real Estate.

Lendex Mortgage Group

Tel: 303-800-8257
Email: scott@lendexmtg.com
Address: 7114 W Jefferson Ave., Suite 212

Lakewood, CO 80235

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Sharon Giles:

"Thank you! Thank you for being the best loan officer ever! If anyone needs any services, I will be sending them your way! I will never forget your kindness. Thanks again!"

The Most Capable Lender In Town

Joyce Dalton:

"Being a control freak in your line of business is comforting to me…long distance business is scary and it takes time to develop a good working relationship over the phone and via e-mail. You are very thorough and I appreciate that about you!"

Alex & Sharon:

"Thank you for all that you have done for us, dear sweet friend! We are so grateful for your expertise! Love to you!"