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Getting Started

Maybe you are looking for a new home.  Maybe you need some remodeling or a home addition, whatever the case, we are prepared to assist you in choosing the best loan that fits your financial and home-ownership needs. Here is a basic overview of how we do it:

Step 1:


Initially, we spend approximately 15 minutes over the phone with you to complete your loan application.

Step 2:


We email you a list of items that we will need to start your loan package. Here are the following documents needed to start the pre-approval process:

  • Signed Federal Tax Returns

  • W2's and/or 1099's

  • Last 30 days of paystubs

  • Last 2 bank statements

  • Copy of Driver’s License

Step 3:


Time is of essence, so when you get the list of items into us, we will have you electronically sign documents to complete your loan package for initial underwriting submission. 

We can close your loan, with your cooperation, in as little as 2 weeks!


If you are ready to move fast, we move fast with you!

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